WIP Monday

After knitting few pairs of knitted slippers (it’s very addictive, btw), i’m now working on a new pairs & this one is for my best friend ☺
Since she requested a few modifications from the original design, i have to do some re-calculating and re-adjustment on the stitch count, repeats and shape as well. So frogging and re-knitting ensued on this one. No wonder it took a lot longer for me to finish this ones than the first couple of slippers 😰😩

Well here is how it look before i frogged it this afternoon 😛



..and into this sad looking shape 😩😭

Yup, it’s gonna be a long week, i can tell *sighsighsigh* 😑😑

Hello, November..

Wow, can’t believe it’s november already, and we’re almost at the end of the year again. ‘Sigh’..how time’s fly.

There’s not much going on my life lately, and as usual i’m not the most diligent blogger when it comes to updating her blog. So here some quick recap of what i did recently, which consist mostly my knitting activities :-D

– After almost a year of keep on postponing, i finally gave up and admitted my old glasses just not working for me anymore. The frame annoyingly kept on sliding down my nose and a bit askew after i’ve dropped it couple of times, not to mention the lenses that didn’t feels quite right anymore because i still get blurry edges when reading small text.  So, i got myself  two new pairs of glasses with more ergonomic frames and a better fit lens’s prescription; so now i can read, watch, work, and mostly knit happy :D

– Finished 1 more test-knit shawl projects and my first test-crochet shawl (need to blocked and photographed them)

– Finished a test-knit short sleeves top (awesome project with my first introduction to short-rows for neck shaping, and my favorite of all garment knitting elements : seamless!!).

– Finished my first test-knit flat shoes (quick project, awesome result and fit nicely!)

Well, mostly that’s what i’ve accomplished so far until the first of this month.

Anyway, since it’s mine and one of my best-friend’s birth month, i’m thinking of knitting two different lace shawls for her birthday present and of course, yours truly. Now, after seeing my pattern library and my not so exciting stash, i can’t decide which ones to knit.. oh well, story of my life ;P